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dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
Dirty Old Moms contest
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at October 26th, 2010 (09:13 am)

Hey my fellow mamas - we're having a contest over at our Dirty Old Moms blog - you could win a Durex Love-Box, some condom and lube samples, a koozy (heh heh), and more! With kids running all around, heaven knows sometimes we need a little something extra to spice up our love lives. And who doesn't love free stuff? Go check it out if you're interested :)

Dirty Old Moms Durex Contest

Moral Whiplash [userpic]
Indoor Playspaces
by Moral Whiplash (bkwyrm)
at December 1st, 2009 (10:32 pm)

I have a toddler and an infant, and I know that this winter we're all going to be nuts from cabin fever.  In order to prevent any unpleasantness (ever seen The Shining?), I've spent the last few weeks looking for and visiting indoor play spaces.  Haven't found anything that's awful or that I wouldn't go to again, so here's my list of Chicago indoor playspaces, with links to home pages and some notes on what it was like:
snip snipCollapse )

Anyone have any other suggestions for winter play?  My toddler likes to runrunrun, and I like spaces where I can sit with the baby and supervise.

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
happy fall!
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at September 30th, 2009 (08:53 pm)

It looks like we're probably going to venture out to County Line Orchard this Sunday afternoon to do some apple / pumpkin picking! It's a very nice orchard with many activities for the whole family. We'd love to see you there! Comment if you think you'll make it out there, and we'll come up with a game plan for getting together.


Mighty Little Mom. [userpic]
formula: free to a home
by Mighty Little Mom. (saribeth)
at August 30th, 2009 (05:38 pm)

Hey mamas and papas...

I just received two cans of Similac formula in the mail and I haven't had a newborn in 2 years. They're up for grabs! One is "Advance: Early Shield" and the other is "Isomil Advance: soy formula".
I live in Andersonville and would prefer if you could pick it up, but I wouldn't mind terribly dropping it off either. It just might take me a little while to get it to you. :)


Xanth Vamp [userpic]
by Xanth Vamp (xanthvamp)
at August 18th, 2009 (12:42 pm)

current location: Schaumburg, IL
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I can't go... I work... which bums me out to NO end. But I wanted to share with you all!! I hope someone can go, and have a blast!!

LabFest! Millennium Park
August 21, 2009
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

AND Professor Beakman is going to be there!! I loved that show... *sigh*

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at July 8th, 2009 (09:17 pm)

Brookfield Zoo trip will be tomorrow (Thursday), starting around 11AM. Join us anytime, just give a holler so we know to expect you! :)

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
zoo trip!
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at July 8th, 2009 (10:40 am)

We decided it's time for a Brookfield Zoo trip! Either tomorrow or Friday, depending on the weather report. Anyone want to join us?

sashura_photo [userpic]
Free photo session
by sashura_photo (sashura_photo)
at May 4th, 2009 (10:14 am)

Free photo session for the first 10 clients!

Take advantage of this great weather! Everything is in bloom and perfect for a photosession!How this worksCollapse )

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
Who wants to join us for a BIOBLITZ?!
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at May 4th, 2009 (10:56 am)

So my husband found this really nifty event that will be taking place at the Indiana Dunes next week. Basically you take your kids or yourself, if you don't have kids but are interested!) and come out and join scientists in searching for a variety of local plant, animal and insect life. There are different events and inventory teams going out all over the Dunes during this 24 hour period. You can register in advance for the teams you're interested in. There's a lot more detail on the website, so go check it out!

Generally the inventory teams are recommended for children 8 and up. My kids are definitely UNDER that age range so we won't be signing up for the inventory teams. However, it sounds like there will be a lot of activities for all ages at the base camp. No pre-registration required to visit base camp, and it's all FREE.

We are going to head out there on Friday, May 15th to check it out and spend a day at the Dunes. If anyone would like to join us, please holler! We can learn about nature, maybe have a picnic lunch, do a little age-appropriate hiking...it'll be fun!

From the website:


Registration Open
Want to have fun, do good, and be part of something BIG? Public registration is now open for the 2009 Indiana Dunes BioBlitz! Enroll yourself and up to five companions to join scientists on species inventory teams in the park. We're fielding teams at a number of locations. (See the map.) It's fun for the whole family, and it's free, so don't miss your chance—sign up now!
Volunteers are also needed to help with BioBlitz logistics at Base Camp and other Indiana Dunes locations. If you can lend a hand for several hours or throughout the event, volunteer today! (If you are traveling via the train, then please sign up for teams at West Beach only!)
Teachers and parents, find resources to help prepare young people for the BioBlitz here!
If you live in Chicago or along the South Shore Line, consider expanding your adventure and helping the environment by taking the train. (If you are volunteering, take under consideration that you should just sign up for teams at West Beach!) Shuttle buses will transport BioBlitz participants between the Ogden Dunes Station and West Beach base camp throughout the event. Get the schedule.
Still got questions? Consult the FAQ or read the official press release. For more information, please email us or call 800 638 6400, ext. 6186.

About the Project
BioBlitz is a 24-hour event in which teams of scientists, volunteers, and community members join forces to find, identify, and learn about as many local plant and animal species as possible. National Geographic is helping conduct a BioBlitz in a different park each year throughout the decade leading up to the U.S. National Park Service Centennial in 2016. The next annual National Geographic-National Park Service BioBlitz takes place May 15-16, 2009 at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.
Read all about it on our blog!
The 2008 BioBlitz took place in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area May 30 and 31 in collaboration with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and California State Parks. We found and identified more than 1,700 unique species in the park, plus several that have not yet been identified.
In 2007, National Geographic hosted the Rock Creek Park BioBlitz in Washington, D.C. Teams made up of biologists, families, school groups, youth groups, conservationists, and government leaders spent 24 hours combing the city's urban park. They found and identified 661 unique species in the park, plus several that have not yet been identified.
Project Goals
Project founders organized BioBlitz as a way for communities to learn about the biological diversity of local parks and to better understand how to protect them. BioBlitz events give adults, kids, and teens the opportunity to join biologists in the field, participate in bona fide research expeditions, and learn from the experts about biodiversity—both around the planet and in our own backyards.

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
another zoo outing?
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at April 20th, 2009 (09:56 am)

It seems likely that a few of us will be heading to Brookfield Zoo this Thursday. The forecast so far is 70 and sunny! Anyone want to join the fun?

Maybe we can even do picnic lunches this time, lol. (Though the hella expensive burrito I bought last time was DELICIOUS, at least!)

dendraphile [userpic]
New Member
by dendraphile (dendraphile)
at April 15th, 2009 (10:50 am)

current location: home, where my music's playing...
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current song: Fiona Apple - Not About Love

Hi, I'm new to the community.

My husband and I are expecting twins in the fall. It's our first pregnancy, and I guess I'm just sort of looking to talk to other people in Chicago who are balancing jobs/careers/education with being a mother. I'll be 25 this month, and I'd love to talk to some other young-ish mothers about how they're doing it.


dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
Legoland next Thursday?
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at April 2nd, 2009 (04:41 pm)

So I'm off next Thursday and looking for an activity to do with the kids.
We got a couple 'buy one adult, get one kid free' coupons for Legoland that need to be used soon and I was thinking this might be the perfect time! Because Legoland is expensive otherwise, which is why I've been avoiding it. :)

SO...anyone wanna go to Legoland next Thursday?


Legoland is in Schaumburg. We got our coupons from Dunkin' Donuts / Baskin Robbins, so you may want to check your local DD/BR to see if you can snag some too. That's $15 savings, which is a great deal.

Times TBD. Right now I'm just gathering data on who is interested and available.

There will be another zoo trip towards the end of the month sometimes but it's supposed to be cold next week, so I'm opting for an indoor outing :)

Let me know if you wanna go!

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
Brookfield Zoo
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at March 24th, 2009 (11:34 pm)

Just a reminder, Brookfield Zoo this Thursday for anyone who wants to go.

I am aiming to be there at, oh, 11AM. Probably will leave by 4. Likely to grab some lunch there, given the time frame.

Let me know if you're a-comin' and we'll make a plan to meet up!

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
Brookfield Zoo Trip! also dooce book signing!
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at March 19th, 2009 (03:50 pm)

OK my friends, the weather's getting a bit nicer and that means...OUTINGS!

I have my eye on a trip to Brookfield Zoo next Thursday the 26th. Weather so far looks like it will cooperate, so unless we get bad storms or freezing temps, it's a go.

Times TBD. Right now I'm checking to see who is interested and available!

Zoo Info:
Hours that Day are 10AM to 5PM. I am tentatively looking at going from 10 to 3ish right now.

ALSO, that same evening in Oakbrook: Heather Armstrong of dooce.com will be at Borders for a book signing. And I am planning on attending that as well. If anyone would like to go with for that event as well, let me know!

Cec [userpic]
My new Orleans community just gave a heads up on carcinogens found in baby products
by Cec (bettyboot)
at March 12th, 2009 (10:39 pm)

Here's the link to the post:


Cec [userpic]
Who wants to do an outing?
by Cec (bettyboot)
at February 14th, 2009 (12:57 pm)

So I've landed here in Whiting. Like the area so far, but the kid (4 1/2 y.o.) is seriously missing peer interaction. With me out of school and not working, daycare just doesn't make sense financially.  I was thinking of taking him to the free day at the Planetarium and Aquarium on Tuesday. Anyone want to join us for exploration and lunch? We need to meet people!

Barring that. Can anyone recommend play facilities (indoor or out) (have car, will travel) where the moms don't play the catty clique game?

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
please help me kick off my Heritage Makers business :)
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at January 26th, 2009 (10:13 pm)

OK, so my mom is letting me have a Heritage Makers open house at her place. If you're local and available and this is anything remotely up your alley, please come! cross posted from my evite. :) Thanks!

Host: Kristi Dorson
Location: my mom's
leave a comment if you'd like the address :)

When: Saturday, February 7, 2:00PM

Hello everyone! If you haven't already heard, I have recently become a consultant with a wonderful company called Heritage Makers. As a Heritage Makers personal publishing consultant I help others archive and organize their photos, write their stories, and preserve their heritage.
Our most popular products are our stunningly gorgeous storybooks. To see a digital version of the first storybook I created (about my son, Drake), please click here:


The finished, published version is just as beautiful, if not more so.

I will show you how to quickly and easily create storybooks about yourself and your loved ones. Don't let your treasured stories be forgotten or lost!

You can learn more about the company at my website:


This will be an open house, as I am kicking off the business, so I implore you all to attend if at all possible. Please bring friends as well, and please feel free to forward this evite to anyone who may be interested!

I will be offering door prizes and raffles throughout the party, including raffling off the hostess benefits as well as a free storybook credit. If you attend, you may just be rewarded!

I will also be giving out free gifts to anyone who books a party from this event. Since I am new to the business, bookings are the most valuable assistance you can give me - if you are unable to attend, but would be able to host a party, please let me know! I would love to hold a Heritage Makers Celebration with you!

Thank you everyone. I do hope to see you on the 7th!

Cec [userpic]
Ahem... new here.
by Cec (bettyboot)
at January 12th, 2009 (07:30 pm)

The hubs and I got the news today that we are likely moving to the Chicago area in February.  Hubs will be working in Hammond, IN. I will be starting classes at a local public university in the fall. Any suggestions on areas where I should be looking for housing (for rent or sale)? We're a family of 3 with a four year old, and another coming in June. Safety and convenience (of a daily commute south) are paramount. Walkable amenities (restaurants/coffee/parks) are a bonus. Price is certainly a consideration, but we'll start with that.

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at December 1st, 2008 (10:39 pm)

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving, and if so, what did you and your family do for the holiday?

dangling participles are where it's at [userpic]
gettin' to know you...
by dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
at October 21st, 2008 (07:45 pm)

What's the cutest or funniest thing your kids have said recently?

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