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ChiTown Mamas!

and all that jazz.

Chicago Moms (and Daddies too)
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a place for Chicago-area parents to share stories and pictures, ask advice, and plan meet-ups.
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This community was created for purely selfish reasons ;) It's hard to find mama friends around here!

So here's a place for all of us fabulous Chicago-area mamas to come together, share stories, pictures and let eachother in on the fun places to go when the weather (or your almost-perfect children ;) have driven you totally insane!

(We don't set a "rule" on just how close to Chicago you must live, that's goofy. Planning to move here? Used to live here? Are in the general vicinity of the Midwest and would like some new mama friends? If you feel like you belong here, or would enjoiy being a member, sign up! We'd love to have you.)


kid-friendly things to do around Chicagoland links:
City of Chicago's Special Events
Planet 99's Calender of Events
A great Website for Birthday Party Planning in and around Chicago
(you can also check out our 'memories' for some
fun community-member-recommended spots for
indoor fun, outside craziness and birthday parties.)


We have some members expecting new additions!
Visit our Our Announcment and "Ticker" Post.

We have some WAHMs!
wravenmadd is a "Tastefully Simple" consultant: Melanie's Tastefully Simple Site.
lovingher has a succesful reptile-habitat building company: Custom Reptile Cages.


If you're interested in joining, please introduce yourself, so that you can be properly welcomed!
(please note that your first post is 'moderated' and requires approval to go through. [We had an ugly run-in with a spammer last year] Any posts you make afterward will not require approval, though :)

1* Tell us about yourself.
2* Tell us about your kiddo(s).
3* Tell us where you're at.

(hrm, didn't mean to make that sound creepy:)


Rules? Sure... hmm..

~feel free to advertize communities here, if you think they might be of some interest to the other parents.
~please don't bring your drama here, we have enough temper tantrums to deal with in our day.
~we are work-at-home-mama friendly, and invite you to share 'your goods'.
~please, just play nice :) mamas have it hard enough these days without judging eachother.


scheduled for:

(Check back soon for the next meet-up's details!)

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